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This Greengeeks review site was hosted for 5 years. For the purpose of testing, we have setup account with them and tested their shared hosting services for five years. Their basic shared hosting with cPanel control panel has been tested and fully reviewed.


They have a core management team that can boast of more than 40 years of experience. This web hosting service doesn’t do anything very different from other top hosting portals who provide high end web hosting services in an affordable manner. They just do it a little differently. When you sign up with the service, you can be assured of gaining access to high quality server hardware. This is a reliable network providers and they uses the most cutting edge software on the planet. What makes them stand out is how they connect with the environment. Each client account makes a contribution towards preserving the environment as they use wind power credits to replace energy used by the website, three times over! Now, isn’t that thoughtful? They are the greenest web host.

Yes, their 300% green web hosting with cPanel is easy to use. Almost all website owners are having prior experience using this most popular control panel. We find no difficulties with it and any beginners that just get started will find it easy too. Setup website is simple, control panel is powerful and customer service is lovely. With this review site hosted within their 300% green shared hosting, we are able to carry out life time reviews and testing in here. We have gathered some customer feedback and coupons for extra discount too. See the coupon section for latest promo code.

Greengeeks review on shared hosting. They definitely bring a lot to the table when it comes to web hosting. Apart from free domain names, nightly backups for free, a single click install tool, and SSH access, the provider gives secure e-mail accounts, solid state drivers, and integration of Google apps as part of the package.

After comparing their feature and price, we have check on similar price web hosting plans and this hosting is the overall winner in most aspect. For example, we can get their unlimited cPanel plan right now at $3.96 per month. For this price, we can only get a single domain hosting from Hostgator.com for example. And most importantly, this web hosting is ticking every correct boxes and it’s suitable for most type of websites hosting. This is all-in-one general purpose web hosting plan that is recommended to 99% of webmasters. This is how great their web hosting product is.

Greengeeks review on feature specification. For features comparison, we would like to highlight the following and see what you can get for a small price of $3.96 per month. This plan includes the following:

  • Host unlimited domains.
  • Unlimited storage and gigs of data transfer.
  • Free domain name for life.
  • Free site migration.
  • Free drag and drop site builder and starter site.
  • Unlimited e-mail support and forwarding.
  • Unlimited MySQL database.
  • 300% green.
  • Free cPanel control panel.
  • Price start from $3.96 per month.


Next thing we want to do is perform some comparison and compare them with most top web hosts and find the overall winner. Undeniable, they are the winner here. We had chosen them as the greenest e-commerce plan. As the greenest company they are donating to LUNG association and also contribute to community. Is this the best when compared with other top hosting companies?

  • Greengeeks is 300% green.
  • Hostgator is 130% green.
  • IPage is 100% green.
  • Fatcow is 100% green.
  • Bluehost is not.
  • Hostmonster is not.
  • Justhost is not.
  • Webhostingpad is not.

Besides this web hosting review site, we run few other sites and each of them are hosted at respective web hosting companies. Above are some of them. Compare them and see their different today.

Greengeeks review on reseller hosting. They provide a wide and exciting range of reseller hosting plans starting from $19.95 all the way to $99.95 per month The “Sprout” plan is the one most favored among its customer base. At a sweet deal of $24.95 per month, you get access to 80 GB SSD web space, 800 GB of premium bandwidth, and unlimited cPanel Accounts. The reseller hosting services provided are 100% white label. This gives you the freedom to give a logo to your control panel, make use of private name servers. This gives your brand a strong image. You also get to offer your clients the exact same features of the shared hosting plans. This includes email accounts, MySQL databases, PHP, and a whole lot of other goodies. With access to Softaculious, installing apps such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla is done in a snap. They make use of the best networks and hardware which includes cutting edge Intel processors, enterprise memory, and SSD-powered local Raid-10 storage arrays. This ensures you enjoy nearly 100% uptime.

Greengeeks review on VPS hosting and dedicated server. The Virtual Packet Server service packages start from $39.95 per month. There are five plans, the high end package coming to around $160. This includes 125 GB SSD RAID-10 storage and a 3000 GB Premium Bandwidth. VPS Hosting services include VPS Management control panel, free migration services, nightly backup, and a free ENOM domain reseller account. The VPS account will be provisioned on blacklist free IP’s. This means that IP’s that are blacklisted will be removed and cleaned prior to being provisioned. The VPS account is hosted on an energy infrastructure that is 300% energy renewable.

Looking for dedicated server services to power your website? Starting from $169 per month and with a premium account available for $439 per month. Their services give you the extra punch you need at an affordable cost. The dedicated servers make use of server-grade Intel processors, memory, hard drives, and high end equipment.

Greengeeks review on data center. Like everything at here, the data centers are the perfect culmination of cutting edge technology. It is designed from bottom up. And uses the best configuration. The data centers have raised floors, climate control, and protected by security round the clock. It is equipped with fire suppression systems and water detection systems. State of the art UPS technology ensures the safety of their clients’ data. They make use of the most cutting edge Intel processors and utilizes Juniper and Cisco for their network switching/routing. The data centers are located in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Amsterdam. All these ensuring easy accessibility to clients all over the world.

The internet is widely considered to be a green resource, although that is far from the truth. Web hosting makes use of a whole lot of energy to power their servers and is as much a contributor to pollution as any other. This is where they make a change. The hosting service compensates for the pollution caused by purchasing wind energy credits for the energy used from the grid. When you sign up for hosting services from GreenGeek, you are actually making a positive impact on the environment. This leaving a negative carbon footprint.

When selecting a new web host, we try our best to advice people to choose the greenest web hosting plan and not those ordinal plans that are cheap and leaving carbon footprint all over. Make sure your next web hosting is green and your website hosted online that runs 24/7 is always carbon free.

They make use of high end security features that include nightly backup. The facility allow user to create and manage an unlimited number of secure IMAP/POP mail accounts. Which can be accessed via webmail or any of the popular email clients you use. You also have easy and faster access to your account via SSH access.

Greengeeks review on money-back guarantee. They provide an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee along with 99.9% uptime guarantee to back up its exceptional services. All services are backed up by a 30-day guarantee, which means in the rare scenario that you end up in a situation where you are unhappy with the services provided, you can straight away demand a refund, no questions asked. The guarantee covers the following services:

  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Round the Clock email support.
  • Live telephone and chat support services.
  • Overall satisfaction of services.

If for some reason, a user feels unsatisfied with the services within the 30 day time window, the client is entitled to a complete refund. There is no questions asked. User will get their money back, minus the setup fees, domain registration, or transfer costs.

They seem to understand the importance of a great customer support system. It provides access for its customers via email, live chat, and phone. All services are available round the clock and are amazingly efficient at addressing client concerns.

Greengeeks review on average user rating. We gave them a very good scores and perfect rating in most criteria. We love green hosting service provider and everything they provided are eco-friendly. This is the biggest advantages and top reason to recommend their service. However, 30-days money guarantee is too short and should be extended and this will provide higher confident for new customer to signup.


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Greengeeks review and coupon by Cathy Finn

Greengeeks, a California web hosting company started its journey in the year 2006. This very web hosting company was founded by Trey Gardner (CEO) who is an expert in this field as he is in this business for more than 13 years now. It has a wide range of data centers which are equipped with some great infrastructure like climate control, fire retardant system, 24/7 security, water detection system, and of course, generators and UPS. All of these are very important when it comes to running a successful and efficient web hosting company.

Besides this, Greengeeks is such a company which is also known for their excellent services and a solid earth preservation commitment. With powerful and modern hardware and servers, this web hosting company is able to provide its customers with reliable services. And as for the 300% Green Hosting, this company happens to buy wind power credits to run their many data centers.

This Greengeeks review have for you the many services and prices along with some pros and cons in order to give you a better idea about this very web hosting company.

Major Features of Greengeeks

  • Unlimited disk space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Affordable price of each plan.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support all year round.
  • Exciting Greengeeks coupon codes.

Different Web Hosting Plans and its Prices

  • Shared Hosting – The price of this plan is $6.95 and it covers unlimited bandwidth, disk storage space and also unlimited domains.
  • Dedicated Hosting – This one starts at $169/mo and it comes with many advantageous options. But, still the company gives their customers an option to write up a quote.
  • Reseller Hosting – There are 5 different plans under this very web hosting plan and it happens to start at $19.95/mo which is just impressive. All plans will offer its customers unlimited bandwidth and disk space storage. The price is different according to the numbers of resold accounts. The Seed account (most basic) will allow 10 resold accounts where as the Sprout will allow 25 resold accounts. The Plant account will allow 50 where as the Tree will allow 100 resold accounts. The last and the best one is Forest account which will allow an impressive 250 resold accounts.
  • VPS Hosting – The Greengeeks have for its customers 5 different VPS hosting plans and it starts at $39.95/mo. The 25 GB of RAID (lowest) has 10 storage space along with 512 memory and 500 GB of bandwidth. On the other hand, the top one has for its customers 125 GB storage space, 2048 MB of memory and 1500 GB of bandwidth.

Control Panel

One of the best things about this web hosting company is that despite the type of hosting plan the customer goes for, he/she will enjoy the benefit of the latest version of cPanel. This is a great advantage as they will not receive any custom made cPanel. This is especially helpful for webmasters as cPanel happens to be the best and also the most famous form of control panel that is available today.

Uptime and Performance

Greengeeks offers an impressive 99.9% up time. This is very impressive and comes with many benefits. And speaking of performance, homepage is loaded in just 2.1 seconds and homepage happens to fully load in just 3.2 seconds.


  • This company has earned a place in the list of 5000 fastest growing companies and there is no sign of slowing down.
  • Greengeeks happens to be accredited by none other than Better Business Bureau.
  • One of the most prestigious moments of this company was when it was invited to the Green Power Partnership of the well-known United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • It has been featured in the well-loved PC World not once but multiple times.
  • It features a very helpful daily site backup policy.


  • The only drawbacks of this web hosting company will have to be the fact that it is for Unix or Linux environment. So, this can be a problem for those who are involved with Windows. But, going for Linux/Unix to enjoy the many benefits is not a hard thing to do.

Greengeeks coupon

It is offering a special coupon for this year (2015) “take20off”, which as you can tell, allows a 20% discount on the hosting bill.

So, according to many happy customers and the mentioned advantages in this Greengeeks review, it is safe to say that it is a best bet to for this web hosting company.

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Greengeeks review and coupon by Emily Stowell

They entered into web hosting industry in 2008. The CEO and the founder, Trey Gardner, started this web hosting service after being in this field for thirteen years. Though it is not an old service, but it has achieved a great success in the last couple of years. The prime objective of this web hosting service is to offer good and quality service to the customer without causing environment pollution.

Greengeeks web host service truly justices the name. This web hosting service buys wind power credits to help the production of three times energy that are used to run the data centers. They are based in California. But it covered almost 150 countries all over the world and has got appreciations for the developed features, customer care service, 99.9% uptime, and a thirty-day money back guarantee. If you are interested in taking this web hosting but a bit confused about the plans and features then here is the review that will help you with all the relevant information about the price, features, and coupon.


Their team members are highly experienced and they have expertise both in hardware and software programs. They do their best to offer a quality and easy service that can be accessed by everyone. Some of the offered services are given below.

  • Unlimited Space.
  • Affordable plans and it starts from $3.96/mo.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free domain and Marketing.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 customer care service.
  • Customer care service is available via phone, mail, and chat.
  • 300% powered by renewable energy.

eCommerce features

  • Acceptance of Credit cards.
  • Immediate activation of accounts.
  • Connection to shopping cards and software systems.
  • Real time transactions and online reporting.
  • eCheck Processing.


They have different hosting plans you can choose the one according to your requirements and budget. All the hosting plans are backed by 300% renewable energy. Some of the plans are given below.

  1. Shared Hosting.

Shared hosting starts with $6.95 per month. This plan offers all the basic features such as unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, and unlimited domains.

  1. VPS Hosting.

VPS hosting starts with $39.95 per month. In VPS hosting, there are five different plans. It offers all the facilities such as 125 GB Storage and 2, 048 MB memory for a good plan.

  1. Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting starts with $169.00 per month. It offers all the basic facilities.

  1. Reseller Hosting.

Reseller hosting starts with $19.95 per month. It has different five plans and all these plans offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, but all comes with different price bands.

Uptime performance 

They give more emphasis on uptime. For achieving this, this web hosting service purchases the best of software and hardware capabilities to minimize the downtime and eliminate the impulsive breaks in the service. They have the backups of all clients data for any emergency. If the clients lose any data in the event of any unexpected crash they can regain it from the backups.

Control Panel

They have cPanel control panel. All the users are offered with the latest version of the cPanel regardless of any hosting plan. cPanel is a popular control panel and it offers an easy operating system and it comes with many developed features.

Greengeeks Coupon

One of the major attractions is Greengeeks coupon. It offers discount coupons on some of the plans. For VPS hosting, you can get 50% discount, 30 % discount for VPS, and 20 % discount offer for reseller hosting. If you find one of all these discount coupons then you can get the service in a cheaper price.


Greengeek web hosting service has got positive feedback for the cPanel, developed features, security management, good customer care service, and 99.9% uptime guarantee. Most of the customers have recommended this service. It has got much appreciation for the environment-friendly approach as well.

This web hosting service is good for those who want an eco-friendly service with all the developed features and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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