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Greengeeks review: Introduction to Greengeeks.com

They have a core management team that can boast of more than 40 years of experience, this web hosting service doesn’t do anything very different from other top hosting portals who provide high end web hosting services in an affordable manner. They just do it a little differently. When you sign up with the service, you can be assured of gaining access to high quality server hardware, reliable network providers, and the most cutting edge software on the planet. What makes GreenGeeks stand out is how they connect with the environment. Each client account makes a contribution towards preserving the environment as they use wind power credits to replace energy used by the website, three times over! Now, isn’t that thoughtful?

Yes, their 300% green web hosting with cPanel is easy to use. Almost all website owners are having prior experience using this most popular control panel. We find no difficulties with it and any beginners that just get started will find it easy too. Setup website is simple, control panel is powerful and customer service is lovely. With this review site hosted within their 300% green shared hosting, we are able to carry out life time reviews and testing in here. We have gathered some customer feedback and coupons for extra discount too. See the coupon section for latest promo code.


Is Greengeeks any good?

Greengeeks.com is the greenest web hosting company and primarily famous for carbon free campaign. They use community energy and goes beyond that and offers up to 300% carbon neutral. Every plan you signup with them will contribute to a greener world. Besides environmental responsible, they’re offering highest quality cPanel plans in various forms and include shared hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting plans.

Greengeeks review on shared hosting.

They definitely bring a lot to the table when it comes to web hosting. Apart from free domain names, nightly backups for free, a single click install tool, and SSH access, the provider gives secure e-mail accounts, solid state drivers, and integration of Google apps as part of the package.

After comparing their feature and price, we have check on similar price web hosting plans and this hosting is the overall winner in most aspect. For example, we can get their unlimited cPanel plan right now at $3.96 per month. For this price, we can only get a single domain hosting from Hostgator.com for example. And most importantly, this web hosting is ticking every correct boxes and it’s suitable for most type of websites hosting. This is all-in-one general purpose web hosting plan that is recommended to 99% of webmasters. This is how great their web hosting product is.

Greengeeks review on feature specification.

For features comparison, we would like to highlight the following and see what you can get for a small price of $3.96 per month. This plan includes the following:

  1. Host unlimited domains.
  2. Unlimited storage and gigs of data transfer.
  3. Free domain name for life.
  4. Free site migration.
  5. Free drag and drop site builder and starter site.
  6. Unlimited e-mail support and forwarding.
  7. Unlimited MySQL database.
  8. 300% green.
  9. Free cPanel control panel.
  10. Price start from $3.96 per month.


Greengeeks reviews on competitor comparison.

Next thing we want to do is perform some comparison and compare them with most top web hosts and find the overall winner. Undeniable, they are the winner here. We had chosen them as the greenest e-commerce plan. As the greenest company they are donating to LUNG association and also contribute to community. Is this the best when compared with other top hosting companies?

  1. Greengeeks is 300% green.
  2. Hostgator is 130% green.
  3. IPage is 100% green.
  4. Fatcow is 100% green.
  5. Bluehost is not.
  6. Hostmonster is not.
  7. Justhost is not.
  8. Webhostingpad is not.

Besides this Greengeeks web hosting review site, we run few other web hosting review sites and each of them are hosted at respective web hosting companies. Above are some of them. Compare them and see their different today.

Greengeeks review on reseller hosting.

They provide a wide and exciting range of reseller hosting plans starting from $19.95 all the way to $99.95 per month The “Sprout” plan is the one most favored among its customer base. At a sweet deal of $24.95 per month, you get access to 80 GB SSD web space, 800 GB of premium bandwidth, and unlimited cPanel Accounts. The reseller hosting services provided are 100% white label. This gives you the freedom to give a logo to your control panel, make use of private name servers. This gives your brand a strong image. You also get to offer your clients the exact same features of the shared hosting plans. This includes email accounts, MySQL databases, PHP, and a whole lot of other goodies. With access to Softaculious, installing apps such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla is done in a snap. GreenGeeks makes use of the best networks and hardware which includes cutting edge Intel processors, enterprise memory, and SSD-powered local Raid-10 storage arrays. This ensures you enjoy nearly 100% uptime.

Greengeeks review on VPS hosting.

The Virtual Packet Server service packages start from $39.95 per month. There are five plans, the high end package coming to around $160. This includes 125 GB SSD RAID-10 storage and a 3000 GB Premium Bandwidth. VPS Hosting services include VPS Management control panel, free migration services, nightly backup, and a free ENOM domain reseller account. The VPS account will be provisioned on blacklist free IP’s. This means that IP’s that are blacklisted will be removed and cleaned prior to being provisioned. The VPS account is hosted on an energy infrastructure that is 300% energy renewable.

Greengeeks review on dedicated servers.

Looking for dedicated server services to power your website? Starting from $169 per month and with a premium account available for $439 per month, their services give you the extra punch you need at an affordable cost. The dedicated servers make use of server-grade Intel processors, memory, hard drives, and high end equipment.

Greengeeks review on data center.

Like everything at here, the data centers are the perfect culmination of cutting edge technology. The data centers have raised floors, climate control, protected by security round the clock, and equipped with fire suppression systems and water detection systems. State of the art UPS technology ensures the safety of their clients’ data. They make use of the most cutting edge Intel processors and utilizes Juniper and Cisco for their network switching/routing. The data centers are located in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Amsterdam ensuring easy accessibility to clients all over the world.

Greengeeks review on green hosting technology.

The internet is widely considered to be a green resource, although that is far from the truth. Web hosting makes use of a whole lot of energy to power their servers and is as much a contributor to pollution as any other. This is where they make a change. The hosting service compensates for the pollution caused by purchasing wind energy credits for the energy used from the grid. When you sign up for hosting services from GreenGeek, you are actually making a positive impact on the environment, leaving a negative carbon footprint.

When selecting a new web host, we try our best to advice people to choose the greenest web hosting plan and not those ordinal plans that are cheap and leaving carbon footprint all over. Make sure your next web hosting is green and your website hosted online that runs 24/7 is always carbon free.

Greengeeks review on Security.

They make use of high end security features that include nightly backup, the facility to create and manage an unlimited number of secure IMAP/POP mail accounts that can be accessed via webmail or any of the popular email clients you use. You also have easy and faster access to your account via SSH access.

Greengeeks review on money-back guarantee.

They provide an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee along with 99.9% uptime guarantee to back up its exceptional services. All services are backed up by a 30-day guarantee, which means in the rare scenario that you end up in a situation where you are unhappy with the services provided, you can straight away demand a refund, no questions asked. The guarantee covers the following services:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Round the Clock email support
  • Live telephone and chat support services
  • Overall satisfaction of services

If for some reason, a user feels unsatisfied with the services within the 30 day time window, the client is entitled to a complete refund, no questions asked minus setup fees, domain registration, or transfer costs.

Is Greengeeks speed test & performance any good?

Our website with has been performing great and here is our speed test and total loading time. According to Google webmaster tool, average download time is recorded at 0.661 second and average download per day is around 908 kilobytes. The slowest time is 1.17 second and the fastest time is 0.032 second.

download speed

Here is another website speed test that we carry out on this review site. It shows the current page size is 241.7 kilobytes in total and it took 3.56 second to load completely. Average transfer speed is around 67 kilobytes per second and this speed checker tool rated our review website here at 78 out of 100. The total load time is 3.56 second and average transfer is 67 KB/sec.

website speed test

Is Greengeeks uptime any good?

Service performance is not the same every year, and for this we are require to check and keep track of their process from time-to-time. For example this website is monitored and checks for speed every 5-minute. And our average uptime rating is 99.697%.

Here is our Greengeeks review website and its annual uptime rating:

  1. 2013 availability is 99.915%
  2. 2012 availability is 99.748%
  3. 2011 availability is 99.754%


Greengeeks review on e-commerce features.

They provide merchant accounts for Internet, mail order/phone order, retail, and auction businesses. Getting a merchant ID is a piece of cake. Some of the features include:

  • Acceptance of major credit cards
  • Real-time processing payment gateway
  • Immediate activation of internet certified merchant account
  • Virtual terminal for key entered mail order or phone order sales
  • Connected to hundreds of shopping carts and software systems
  • eCheck Processing
  • online reporting and real time management of your transactions
  • Funds will be deposited in the checking account of your choice within 48 hours.
  • Authorize.net payment gateway

There is no application or annual fees involved. There is no need for address verification fees. There are no termination penalties included either. The transaction cost comes to around $0.25 per transaction. The service is supported by a toll free tech support line

Greengeeks review on customer support.

They seem to understand the importance of a great customer support system. It provides access for its customers via email, live chat, and phone. All services are available round the clock and are amazingly efficient at addressing client concerns.

Greengeeks review on average user rating.

We gave them a very good scores and perfect rating in most criteria. We love green hosting service provider and everything they provided are eco-friendly. This is the biggest advantages and top reason to recommend their service. However, 30-days money guarantee is too short and should be extended and this will provide higher confident for new customer to signup.


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Everything You Should Know About a Free Blog

A blog is an online form of journal to keep records of one’s life. With the recent advancement in technology and the ease of access of internet to everyone, blogging has become the new norm for young people. Blogging is however not cut for a certain and specific age group. It is for everyone who has the potential to handle online life. Some people keep a blog to tell the world what is happening in their lives. It is more like maintaining an open book for their lives. Others are critics in the social events happening at that particular moment in their lives. In the most recent time, there has evolved ways to earn online through running a blog. This has gained popularity especially for those people cutting along all ages, races, religion, and nationality that want to make an extra coin for themselves.

Why Start Blogging?

Blogging has attracted a large number of people since its money package is attractive. Bloggers have become the new money tycoons affording most things that people in the ‘normal’ eight to five job cannot afford. This in turn has made more people venture in blogging for money. Blogging is practically writing. However, wring and blogging may not be for each person. For one to remain ahead, they have to be creative and think critically through issues. Otherwise, one’s blog will not attract any traffic.

Most bloggers attract traffic on their blog by having catchy headlines. The headline may be true or untrue. To make a person actually read the whole blog will require some few tricks. One has to capture the reader’s attention and try to convince them why they should read the next paragraph to the last. Having regular and loyal readers is the utmost dream of every blogger. Reader’s make one remain on their toes since the blogger knows that they expect something from him/her. When the blogger is reading the comments from the reader’s they may get ideas on how to improve their blog through critics or well-wishers. Even with this madness, people are having about maintaining and earning through a blog, not all flow with it. some potentials may open the blogs and update a thing or two with their online fans then after a few instances, get bored. Some update or write anything in their blogs rarely.

  1. Blogger

There are most common free blogging sites available to anyone online. They include Blogger.com, which is most popular among people. A Backing from Google makes it more attractive. The easy to start and register guidelines they offer to new blogger makes it more convenient and simple to start. Blog.com is also another free to start blog. Once one registers with them, they personalize the theme they would like and with time, one can buy a premium package with them the premium package is an upgrade to a better blog and one can receive their own domain name and personalize it in the way they would want.

  1. Penzu

Penzu.com allows a new user choose what type of blog they want to start when they log in the site for the first time. There is the private and public option from them. The private journal is the expressive journal that only the owner views and the public daily diary that is visible to the public. They allow a trial blog before one decides to register with them.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is the most popular with everyone wanting an account with them because of their attractive visual platforms. Tumblr.com allows its bloggers to display and share images, music, and videos on their profiles. To ensure more traffic on a bloggers profile, Tumblr allows people to reshare what one has shared. This creates more audience and more followers.

Pros and Cons of Free Blogs.

All blogs have something in common in that they first offer new bloggers free to register platform then afterwards charge for an upgrade. They advertise as a free blog to get people register with them since there are many available platforms. An upgrade to a more superior website within the original registration allows more traffic to a person’s profile.

Just like any other form of expressing oneself, blogging has its advantages and disadvantages. Most bloggers claim that the ability to express one albeit online is the best advantage of maintaining a blog. Though one may not know who reads their blogs personally, they connect with others through a blog. A blogger expresses themselves in the honest words and sometimes maintaining a blog through a pseudo helps people deal with inner insecurities that would have otherwise be uncovered in real life. Social issues addressed through blogs and those in leadership respond to issues raised by bloggers.

Since a blogger has to be creative in order to attract and maintain the traffic on their profiles, it allows them read a wide range of articles and content. A blogger has to have wide knowledge in all topics and issues in life. This makes it an advantage for the blogger as they become knowledgeable in most issues.

One main disadvantage of a blog is evident to people who expose their entire life on an online portal. Some bloggers talk about their intimate life details and opens up to the world making them vulnerable to others. Followers may not be people that like the blogger. There have been cases in the past where popular bloggers have gone missing and sometimes killed. The killers are part of the fans who have some substantial knowledge about a bloggers life. They collect images of the bloggers life and their inner circle and make them a target. Another con in a bloggers life is that they are living a lie. They have to hide behind an online platform in order to let out their innermost thoughts and fears. Some regard them as cowards since they are not brave enough to air their views in the mainstream media.

Blogging may not be a long-term goal for people since with the everyday advancement in technology; ideas that were the in thing one year ago are obsolete. Even though being a blogger earns someone some revenue, one has to have an idea of what one will do in a long-term basis.

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Why WordPress site should be updated and backed up?

For your WordPress site to serve its purpose well, you should ensure it is regularly updated and backed up. Updating the site regularly will enable you enjoy the latest features of WordPress. This will enable you achieve great success in the running of your site. Backing up will ensure there is no time you will lose important files due to server failures. When updating the WordPress site you should ensure you update different features of the site. For example, the plugins should be up to date and the themes. You can decide to set up automatic updates of your site so that you will avoid cases where you will forget to update the site hence exposing it to a lot of issues associated with failure to update the site. When backing up the site you should ensure you perform it on a regular basis. You can also decide to set up an automatic backup feature so that each time you will update your website it will be backed up.

Benefits of regular updates of your WordPress site:

  1. Plugin update leads to more features.

After you decide to update plugs in your WordPress, you will be making it have the best features. Remember each plugin you will install on your WordPress site will be updated by the developers at different intervals, when they will be updating the plugins they will add new features. This will make it easy for you to access more desirable features that will make it easy for you to customize your site. The updates on the plugins will also make your site achieve great user experience.

  1. Account security.

The updated WordPress site will lead to updating the security features. In case there are any bugs or malware that may be developing, it is very easy to get rid of them after you decide to update the site to a new versions. Remember the bugs will tend to exploit different codes in your site, when you will update the site you will update the codes which will render the malware less effective in affecting your website.

  1. Eliminating code vulnerability.

It is very easy to eliminate code vulnerability after you decide to update your site. Most malware will tend to exploit codes used in your website for them to expose your website to security issues, but that will not be the case after you decide to make use of automatic update feature on your website which will ensure the website is always updated.

How to perform WordPress site backup?

There are many WordPress site backup solutions available. It will be upon you to decide on a backup plan that will best suit you. Common methods that you can use include the following:

  1. Manual backups.

This is a simple method. You will have to download your WordPress Site files using FTP client and store them safely in your computer hard drive or upload them to secure sites where you can always access them in case your site is accidentally deleted from your web host.

  1. cPanel backups.

You will have to log in to your cPanel control panel and click on backup icon. The next step will require you to click on generate for you to download a full backup of your site. At the home directory you will have to select backup destination where you will insert your email address. When the backup is ready you will be alerted via the email.

  1. Backing up to the cloud.

You can decide to use a WordPress plugin for you to back up your site to the cloud. Through use of a plugin such as Backup Buddy, you will easily get your website backed up to Amazon S3.

  1. Rsync backup.

You can decide to back up your site by copying files from one server to the other. This is essential because in the event of one server failure you can always download them from another server.

  1. Automated backup solutions.

There are some automated backup services that you can try for you to have your WordPress site backed up. They include Backup machine, codeguard and dropmysite. The automated backup solutions available will vary in the way they operate, you should take your time and assess them before you decide on one that will serve you well.

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Google vs Web Spam

Web spam is a phrase used to describe the contents or websites that are especially designed to spam the search engines. These spam websites trick Google and direct traffic towards them. This is nothing but an idea to make money by directing the traffic to their websites. These websites are mainly filled with sponsored links like thin affiliates or pay-per-click campaigns. This damages the relevance of the popular search engine results including Google.

These are getting more powerful and incredible nowadays. Even Google is continuously trying to get rid of them completely. But unfortunately even they are facing a lot of problem to get rid of them fully. You must have noticed this that when you search something on Google, the search page gets filled with some spam webpage. These are filled with 2.0 junk contents and automated posts by BOTs. There some major sources and categories that are designed to trick the users.

What Are The Main Spam Sources? Google is continuously trying to identify the spam categories and has found some main spam categories. These are:

  1. PPC Landing Pages

There are many pages which are just set up to collect the revenue from PPC or Pay Per Click. These pages do not provide any contents to the traffic. They are filled with fake contents and a bunch of sponsored links and give it a look of a forum, search result or blog. These pages use different types of techniques to generate the contents for the pages that can fool the search engines. These techniques are used to generate many contents of same pattern and format.

  1. Thin Affiliates

A thin affiliate is a kind of page that delivers or directs the user to another website which is maintained by a totally different owner. The keywords direct the traffic to the thin affiliate page and in turn it delivers the traffic to that owner’s site. All these are arranged to make sure that a considerable amount of users are directed to that site. For any sales activity the merchant pays the owner of the thin affiliate site. These are not always spam but considered to be one when they offer no valuable content or information.

  1. Hidden Text 

The hidden texts are the only visible to websites and not to the people or users. These website copies consist of same colored text like the background. These texts are often found in the hidden area of a page and thus are hidden from the users. These techniques are considered as web spam from a long time by the Google search engine. They are always trying to stop these kinds of links and websites to show up in the Google search results.

  1. JavaScript redirects

Search engine (Google) cannot execute the JavaScript and that is why many spammers have used this technique to spam the search engine results. With the help of this they show different content to the search engines on one hand and totally different content on the other hand to the users. Google is still struggling to remove this kind of web spam from search engine result. They must find out the true copy of content and know whether or not it is a spam.

  1. Stuffing Of Keywords

Few years back, the most common trick to fool the search engine was to raise the keyword density unnaturally by stuffing the keywords throughout the contents. But these days Google treat it as a spam and using excessive keywords with high density level are not generally shown in the search results. Stuffed URLs with many keywords and off topic keywords should be avoided or else Google consider it as a major source of spam.

  1. Sneaky Redirects

This is another technique where a page redirects the user to a totally different domain. The search engine indexed the spam page on the search results but once the users click it they only see the contents of the redirected page. This is another web spam technique which involved rotating domains that certainly changes the landing page and gives the users different domain every time they click.


All these junk contents and the BOTs automated postings are banned by the Google. But still everyday some new techniques are coming up by which spammers create web spam. This is really a huge disturbance for the users who are looking for some genuine and value added information on web. But Google is trying hard to get through with the spam.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

If you are not using Google Analytics to track your site’s performance, a lot of information has been slipping through your fingers. Tracking where your traffic comes from, how long visitors stayed on your site, and which links they clicked on are a few examples of the information you can get if you use this service.

Google Analytics is a free service that generates statistics about the visitors as well as the traffic generated for the website. Data available through Google Analytics include website visits, average session duration, page views, and bounce rate. Additionally, the service can also keep track of referral traffic such as direct visits.

Steps To Set Up Google Analytics: 

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics

To begin, you need to create an account and log into Google Analytics website. Like other Google programs, Google Analytics requires a Google login. Users have to add more personal info to the Analytics account including their name, telephone number as well as time zone. The same username and password is used to get access to all of Google’s products.

  1. Create a Google Analytics

Once you have created an account, you can use the username and password to create a Google Analytics. This process is so easy. Simply provide your domain name along with your country and time zone of your site, and Google will automatically create the account name for you.

  1. Add the tracking codes

With your account now created, you now access the tracking codes. Add these codes to the web pages you need to track. The simplest way is to copy and paste it from Google Analytics page onto your site. In case your pages are independent of each other, you need to ensure that you add the code to each page.

  1. Add tracking codes on every page

Tracking code is how Google Analytics tracks visitors on your website, which is why it is advised to have the code on each page. Preferably, you can have a master or a template page where you can add the code in one place. Once you’ve added the tracking codes, you will start to track the activities on your Google Analytics account.

  1. Be sure to add other users

Move on to the next page which is the primary window for your account. This is where you can access all of your websites. The Reports link will take you to the stats gathered by the program, and Goals enables you to set up adverts as well as traffic goals for your website. You will have to add your web designer so that he/she can have access to the account.

How To Use this tool To Improve Website Content:

Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics app in the world, used by almost every website owner to track the website’s traffic. However, this service is not only for monitoring traffic. There is an even great use for it. You can use Google Analytics to help improve your website content and user experience. Here is how.

  1. Check pages with the highest bounce rates

The Landing Pages can show you who are entering your site and which web pages are performing better. Go to your top 10 landing pages report for the last four weeks then see which ones are performing better and which one are performing better. Optimize those that are performing poorly.

  1. Personalize your message

If you sell products from your website, you can increase your conversion rates by offering personalized user experiences thanks to Google Analytics’ audience reports. Use this report to recognize content preferences of the various audience groups on your site. Create personalized messages for what each audience group prefers.

  1. Know how visitors interact with the pages

Use In-Page Analytics to know how users interact with your pages. Once you gain better insights of how your visitors interact, improve your website. This can easily be achieved by de-emphasizing less practical links or getting rid of them, and identifying your navigation menus to emphasize on major site goals.

  1. Identify conversion rate performers

Don’t just guess, use the Users Flow to know whether or not your conversions are low. Open the Users Flow report and narrow the report by location, traffic, source and device. Highlight traffic to the specific conversion page. If you notice those that are lower, check for technical problems and fix them at once.

If you own small business website, or you head a big company trying to diversify for whatever reason, you can benefit from this powerful tool. Set up Google Analytics and start reaping the benefits today.

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